About us

Fédération Internationale de Real Racing

The Fédération Internationale de Real Racing (FIRE) operates its own racing league and organises season and world championships for Real Racing 3 drivers and teams.

Real Racing 3 is an app for mobile devices from Electronic Arts.

The FIRE website RealRacing.ch contains profiles of participating drivers and teams.

Why we

Get gold

We are playing Real Racing 3 with the intention to win gold in Team Challenges. For this purpose we record our challenge results, maintain our own ranking lists and compete in season and world championships. This added value to the game strengthens us and motivates the drivers to perform at their best.



All drivers and teams on RealRacing.ch are committed to fairness, respect and honesty. We want to have fun, that's it.


as driver

Register and record your race performances. Fill out your profile, show your cars and exchange with others in the chat. You don't have to be in a team to do this.

as team

Active RR3 teams can apply for participation in the FIRE. Free of charge. Team championships, cups, statistics, internal team pages and a separate team chat are available.